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The Gates of Central Park

The Gates of Central Park

A Collaboration between artist, Barbara Zagorski and Writer, Kristen Roy

The Gates of Central Park book coming soon!

The Gates of Central Park 


Let me introduce you to the gates of Central Park.  Created by Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1862, these gates were named by the theme of work and categorized by the communities that inhabit the surrouonding area.  There are 18 gates.  The gates are symbolic and idealistic.  The actual gates that were planned to close at midnight each night were met with a battle between the designers and the city.  The gate project was put off indefinitly.  Vaux then had an eye opening thought, "How fine it would be to have no gates."  The stories surrounding the sandstone walls that now adorn the gates names only hold the "frame" as there are no gates to be seen.  Vaux was quoted in saying, "The gates are there and they are not there."  This is a classic story that may have been too far beyond imagination to put into place.  


Barbara Zagorski has taken her imagination and wonderment of these gates into her paintings.  She has started her new project entitled the GATE Collection.  So, wander along through Central Park and open your mind to an artists' perspective of the Gates of Central Park.  They are truly a vision to behold.  With dense history in each painting, they will keep your attention as you embark on a historically beautiful tour among New York City's finest paths.  


The Original 18 Gates of Central Park


Scholars' Gate

Hunters' Gate

Farmers' Gate

Warriors' Gate

Artists' Gate

Artisians' Gate

Childrens' Gate

Merchants' Gate

Strangers' Gate

Mariners' Gate

Woodman's Gate

Women's Gate

All Saints' Gate

Pioneers' Gate

Boys' Gate

Girls' Gate

Engineers' Gate

Miners' Gate




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