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About Me

I am a self taught artist from the North Shore of Long Island who comes from normal everyday type people.

As far back as I can remember, I was creating anything and everything that caught my attention.  I think this passion comes from my paternal Grandmother born in the late 1800's and an avid homemaker.  She had many skills from cooking, sewing, crafting, to rug making.  The only thing she didn't have her hand in was painting so I have no clue where my painting comes from.

These days I try to stay focused on my painting.  I am self taught because I am a horrible student.  I don't believe in a right or wrong way in anything creative.  I have always had problems with reading comprehension so I have learned from trial and error and a lot more error.  Considering I don't follow directions well, I approach a painting with no plan at all.  I've learned that when I start with a plan, I always sabotage it so there is no sense in even going there.  My paintings consist of many layers of paint troweled on and translucent washes layering until the painting itself appears, at this point a plan can take hold.  I look for areas that I can embellish and tell a story that I have created in my minds eye not from scenes I have witnessed in nature per say.

All of my paintings tell a little story of what I'm thinking about when the painting speaks to me, whether it be a song that keeps coming to mind, a quote or just an obscure feeling.  

There is a wonderland of depth that is almost a 3D effect of colors floating upon layers that I find mesmerizing.

When I am not in my studio, you'll usually find me concocting something great to eat in the kitchen and, of course, not following the recipe.  

An INTRODUCTION to the "CHANCE" series


Inspired by German artist, Gerhard Richter, my paintings evolve in different stages.  The incidentals that emerge are all by chance, thus, my paintings let me know when each is completed.  The amount of detail, color, texture and design in my work are boundless and eternal. 


The debate of how one interprets a CHANCE series painting has amounted in ample extremes.  Some feel a certain painting should be displayed in one direction while others feel a painting talks to them more passionately when turned.  Every CHANCE series painting speaks it's very own story from one person to the next, each in their very own descriptive tale.  It is truly amazing to hear the unique interpretations that my paintings provoke from glance to gaze to full envelopment.  This chance effect is exactly what I was searching to create.  It has encompassed a new level of artistic devotion and a life long drive to fully please my artistic vision and soul.



Artist's Events and Acheivements


  • Featured artist for NYARM Annual Golf Outing  Long Island, New York

  • Featured artist at Tavern on the Green NYC Summer 2014

  • Featured artist for Raising Wyandanch, NY

  • Donating artist for The Ronald McDonald Foundation NYC, NY

  • Donating artist for Works of Heart Atlanta, GA

  • Featured artist for Home is where the Heart Is Event Atlanta, GA

  • Featured artist for NYARM Pennsylvania Hotel Convention NYC, NY

  • NYARM GALA featured artist

  • Featured Artist at Wyandanch Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting Ceremony Wyandanch, NY

  • The Trinity School

  • Quinlan Fine Art Auction

  • Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival  Atlanta, GA

  • Kirkwood Spring Fling Festival Artist  Atlanta, GA

  • Atlanta Jazz Festival Artist Market  Piedmont Park  Atlanta, GA

  • ACAC Lincoln Center, NYC

  • Neiman Marcus Pop-Up Show Atlanta, GA

  • Brookhaven Arts Festival  Atlanta, GA

  • Brookhaven Arts Festival FIRST PLACE WINNER  Atlanta, GA

  • Spotlight on Art The Trinity School  Atlanta, GA


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