I will most likely, not be showing my art on Saturday, Oct. 19th due to inclement weather.


NEW pieces will be showing on

SUNDAY, Oct. 20th!


Come by to see me!!




Old Town Naxos 48 x 60
In Search of a Loon
Naxos Flora 48 x 60
Fauna & Flora 48 x 60
Dreamscape 48 x 60
Halki 48 x 60
Olive Grove
Somewhere 48 x 60
Alyko Cedar Beach 48 x 60
May River SOLD
In Search of a Loon
August  SOLD
Charleston Summer  SOLD
July- SOLD
In The Garden- SOLD
Artist Lement SOLD
Bouganvillea II SOLD
Pinot Noir Obsession II SOLD
Poor Richard SOLD
Sleepy Hollow SOLD
Sullivan's Island
The low country
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Naxos Flora 48 x 60